About us

It's not just about Mavis

Here’s the story …

We are a small, creative group that design and produce self-adhesive stickers, transfer stickers and posters. Our aim is to produce well designed products that are fun, funky, frivolous and (sometimes) foolish. There are some that have a legitimate function or purpose or express a passion or political position. Some are unambiguously (and beautifully) pointless. (These are the ones that Mavis seems to like the best.)

We will be adding to the collection every few days, so come back whenever you can and see what’s happened.

The stickers and transfer stickers are produced using high quality vinyl stock, the same stock used in outdoor signage. We use a highly durable, environmentally friendly Eco solvent ink. Even in harsh conditions these stickers should last between 6 and 8 years (at least).

We print very short runs in most cases. But we can print daily if we need to. Because of the high (outdoor) quality ink and stock we use, the stickers need to ‘rest’ for 24 hours before we can trim, package and dispatch them. On very rare occasions, delivery can be delayed by a day (or two at most) while we print (and ‘rest’) more stickers.

We always print and ship to you as soon as possible.

All of this is, mostly, Mavis’s idea. She admits to being, to some degree, a fictional character. However, she maintains emphatically, that she is no more fictional that most media personalities or people that post on Facebook. In any event, she believes that this should not prevent her from being authentic, passionate and, at times, difficult. She is deeply interested in a diverse range of stuff, but is particularly inspired by things that she describes as ‘beautifully pointless’. She designs much of the work you see here.

Deb looks after most of the production, printing and dispatch, and is also responsible for a big chunk of the designs. Deb is inspired by the voice in her head that says ‘Do it! … coolies!’

Neville (from zifbox) built and maintains the website and has a hand in some of the designs. Most of the time he does what Mavis asks.

This is all pretty new, so support us if you can. Like us on Facebook. Send us a message if you like by reviewing a product or send us an email.

Please be nice (it’s not that hard).